I am getting over a cold so I decided these two would be a great choice for my continuing review of the entire P90X3 program.  I needed to avoid a high energy workout so my cough wouldn’t turn into anything worse. Dynamix and Isometrix are two workouts that are designed to work you in a completely different way.  You aren’t jumping around at all.  For Isometrix, you actually don’t move. Intrigued? Yeah…so was I.  And yet, once again…I was completely shocked by these two. I keep saying this, and I’m wondering when someone’s going to send me a message that says “Ok, we GET it, you are amazed!” but seriously. I’m amazed.  Isometrix and Dynamix are both designed to use your muscles to improve connective tissue and strong core foundation.  But these videos achieve these things in different ways.

According to the program overview, this workout “…combines isometric contraction with instability to make your core rock solid”.  Yes. Yes it does. You can expect to perform several moves that aren’t really movements so much as holding a move like a statue. For example, in on move, you will be in plank position with your right arm directly in front of your shoulder and your left leg off the floor. You aren’t moving for 45 seconds. But while you are not moving, you are breathing and it feels like every single muscle in your body is straining to maintain balance and strength.  I’ve never gotten so sweaty holding perfectly still in my life! In one move your eyes are even closed! The most difficult move was called bound dog, right hand left ankle.  You are in downward dog with your right hand on your left calf (if you can reach that far).  Then, just for fun, he adds an opposite leg lift at the end of the video for the same move. Once again, I fell down. You would think this would make me mad but for a girl with a huge temper, I see this as a phenomenal challenge. I know my core strength and balance are weak because I just went to a physical therapist for my knee and he told me that my knee pain is due to lack of core balance.  I will relish every one of these moves and I will perfect them.
This one is hard, people, don’t let the whole “We’re not moving” thing trick you. Once again I had my lifetime long ideas of what a good workout entails completely derailed and I’m pretty happy about that!

Range of motion, flexibility, and stability.  That’s the theme for this workout. The idea here is to work on your range of movement and flow of your body. I really felt like this one was made just for my joints and the relationship they have with my muscles.  You do one move, repeatedly. For example, lunge push-ups involves starting in plank, then putting one foot right next to the hand on that side, and then performing push-ups.  Of course I felt the usual push-up work but I also felt my leg stretch deliciously in every push-up.
If you feel tight, I highly recommend this one. It felt like I was giving my own body a full massage, head to toe.

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